It feels like yesterday that Carnival was in full force, and that time of the year has arrived again. Uncanny!

Last Sunday Sexy Hubby, Second Daughter and I went to a parade. The temperatures were not very high, to say the least, but we were blessed with radiant sunshine. We wrapped up well – and Sexy Hubby and I had a couple of mulled wine while there, which definitely helped! It was only towards the end that we started feeling the cold.

The parade lasted almost two hours, and it was rather obvious how much the participants, either walking or on the floats, were enjoying themselves. Many of the groups were very creative, and all of them quite colourful!

Here are a few photos I took. The first one is of Sexy Hubby and Second Daughter dancing in the street – yes, I did too!

Saturday we are going to our traditional Carnival party, my blond wig and Sexy Hubby’s rocker one have arrived, so you can expect another post soon!



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