When I wrote my post about the KISS concert in Hamburg last June, I knew that I was about to go on a “blogging pause”. However, I never imagined that the said pause would last seven months!

So what happened? We sold our flat, bought an old house and renovated it. It sounds pretty straightforward, but it became my full time job for the next five months and then I needed a bit of time to recover from the stress of renovating and moving… I will tell more about the actual work – so many stories I could easily write another book! – but for now, let’s just say I am really glad my “worksite boss” job is over and that I can resume with my various projects.

First of all, I am sending Foundation, my first novel and the opening book of The Crossing Lives Trilogy, to the next batch of literary agents for consideration. I never did hear back from the one who requested the full manuscript last year and received only rejections from other agents. I still remain positive and hope that this new year will bring good news!

I am also impatient to begin with Book Two – Resilience. The opening scene has been playing in my mind for a little while now and I cannot wait to get writing.

The next project is setting up a new website dedicated more specifically to my photography and my writing. I have the name, the layout and lots of photos waiting to be published, now I just have to find a minute to actually do it…

Finally, the end of January should see the start of a great new freelance opportunity. I am quite excited but would rather wait until everything is confirmed before saying more about it.

As for Funky Wellies Random Thoughts, I will still keep it going, but with a couple of posts a week only, as the other projects now take priority.

It is nice to be back, though, and I will leave you with a few photos taken on walks with Cute Doggy. I am sure you can see why I fell in love with the area we now live in…
PS: responding to comments takes a lot of time, and not many readers come back to look at the replies… I will therefore stop replying from now on, but will catch up with you on social media to thank you, as you taking the time to comment means a lot to me! 🙂
Convent ruins in the sunBench with grass and treesMansion park with majestic treesPond detail in the sunTree reflection in a pondSunlight in the forest

11 thoughts on “It Has Been A Long Time”

  1. Well hello. How lovely to hear from you. We missed you! Sounds like you’ve been making some very exciting changes – how splendid and inspiring! I very much look forward to your next projects and hope, indeed, it is your year for your fabulous books 🙂 Your photos are stunning – really colourful and it’s no wonder you’re in love with your new local area. I wish you every happiness in your new home too xxx

  2. Oh happy to read you again (in English 😉 ) ! Nice news even if I’m still waiting to read your books ! Please, edition compagnies, publish my friend ! for me for the less ! 😀 😀 😀

    I love your pictures : colors, light, subject, really nice. Still go on ! And good luck for your new targets (y)

  3. Well done on getting a request for the full ms for your first novel – it’s very frustrating not to have heard back, but it sounds like it would be worth sending out again. Did you manage to get any feedback? Good luck with the submissions, and your new book, and all your other projects. The photos are fab!

  4. Welcome back. Sounds lie you’ve had a busy time of it, but glad it’s all sorted. It’s stressful, but good fun getting to do a renovation though don’t you think?

  5. Lovely to have you back , both in blogland and on the #WhatImWriting linky! Sounds like you’ve had a hugely busy time while you’ve been away! Glad you’re back to the writing now though. I’ve also got Manuscripts out there and will be submitting to another batch of agents soon – we just have to keep on going don’t we? Looking forward to seeing the new blog – love the photos! Thanks for linking up. xx

  6. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you have lots of exciting things set ahead for the future and can’t wait to read all about it x

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