I pondered a lot about this week Gallery’s theme. Inspirational people? There are so many around! You read their stories in the papers, see them on TV and are impressed with their achievements. But I wanted to talk about someone I personally know. Someone close to me. Then Second Daughter came up to me to show me this:

And I realised I had found my inspirational person. It is not visible in the photo but she put together a little altar for a heart shaped stone a friend of ours gave her, to which she added more of her “precious” stones. Just because they are so special you have to display them in a lovely manner.

This followed another one of her creations, which I think is absolutely beautiful. A boat built out of a feather, a small stick of wood and part of a conker shell during one of our castle gardens outings:

We go off walking in the woods and she understands everything about nature instinctively. She makes these long necklaces out of daisies and looks prettier than any princess covered in diamonds. Her trick for not crying while chopping onions is to wear her swimming goggles. She is utterly fascinated with snails. She is brilliant at playing air guitar. She is a kind, smart, funny and spirited little girl who cares deeply about others. She bowls me over with how profound her outlook on life is.

And I am hoping that I can be as inspirational to her as she is to me.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, and the fact that it made you think of your own daughter! Thanks for stopping by.

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