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Sexy Hubby and I are absolute fans of the Alsace and its understated yet magnificent getaway gems.  We received recently a Smartbox, a gift package that included a night for two people and dinner in a hotel of our choice. This is how we discovered the Hostellerie de la Cheneaudière.

Located on the outskirts of Colroy-La Roche, a village about an hour away from Colmar or Strasbourg, La Cheneaudière is a delightful country residence. You already feel relaxed when you arrive there, having driven through the picturesque sceneries and small towns at a leisurely pace. You park your car and then it is a short walk up to the reception (help is available if necessary).

We were greeted in a warm and friendly manner, a quality shared by all members of the staff we encountered during our stay. We arrived on a Saturday at 13:30 and asked if it was still possible to have lunch. This proved no problem, and our luggage was whisked away to our room while we were being accompanied to the posh but welcoming dining room. We chose a fizzy rosé wine as an aperitif, followed by a glass of Languedoc red wine recommended by the head waiter, which worked perfectly with the complimentary hors-d’oeuvres, my lobster fricassee and Sexy Hubby’s duckling filet.

We then discovered our room and were once again pleased with what we saw: spacious and decorated in an elegant way, with its own balcony. The bathroom had a large shower and two sinks, perfect for a couple sharing. We quickly changed into the bathrobes and slippers provided and headed to the wellness area. A good size swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, surrounded by sun chairs, were waitingfor us, and in the corner we spotted the sauna. We enjoyed the facilities, as well as a one-hour whole body massage on Sunday morning. The only small criticisms I can come up with are the water temperature of the Jacuzzi, too cold, and a mix-up that occurred with the massage booking, which meant we had to wait about twenty minutes. Hardly a hardship when you can relax by the pool.

Our visits to the bar, the dinner and the breakfast buffet, everything was wonderful. I enjoyed my “Bulles de Cheneaudière” glass, a Crémant with a twist, and we learned that the Alsace produces its own version of the famous pastis. Our smoked salmon starter was a clever combination of ingredients, full of flavour. So were Sexy Hubby’s Simmenthal beef filet and my yellow pollock. Dessert included apricots, cooked wine sorbet, chocolate and tuiles, tasty and refreshing. Our compliments to the chef Roger Bouhassoun, who has been orchestrating the restaurant since 1999. As for the wine list, we went for another Languedoc choice, which was part of the “funny names” selection: The Bad Reputation it was, which deserved a good mark!

The time to leave on Sunday arrived far too quickly. As we walked out, armed with the complimentary bottle of water and jar of homemade jam, we vowed to come back next year. Just in time to discover the brand new 1’500 square meter spa that is currently being built…



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  1. This looks and sounds fabulous. Can’t decide what to have, the duck or the lobster? But definitely the wine, the bathrobes and everything else!

    1. You could have had BOTH the duck and the lobster!! 😉 They also had a delicious gingerbread liqueur, we brought some home with us…

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