… but mostly little every day details:

  • Collecting chestnuts in the castle gardens with Second Daughter
  • A game of miniature golf all together
  • Our colourful kettle bringing sunshine into our kitchen
  • Reminiscing about our wedding in Las Vegas
  • Realising again how lucky we are to have such a wonderful home
  • Going to a concert and having a blast
  • Fantastic birthday cakes
  • A new pair of shoes making you feel like a million dollars
  • Smiling and laughing at the children’s antics
  • Quirky finds




You will find more grateful stories here: Sticky Fingers.


18 thoughts on “I Am Grateful For – So Many Things…”

    1. Thanks, Vickie! In case you are interested, the teapot comes from a French company called Pylones…

  1. our life is full of beautiful and enjoyable little things, moments, thoughts.
    we should remember it more often!!

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