… because of the way my husband looked at me.

As I said in my “Off To An Enchanting Place” post, we celebrated our third anniversary last week, and spending a night in the same hotel where it all started has become a tradition.

The first time we went there we arrived separately. I was still living in Switzerland, and Sexy Hubby was coming from Germany. I can still remember sitting in the beautiful garden, a glass of Prosecco in hand, catching the last rays of the sun, waiting for him to arrive.

Now, of course, we arrive together. On the road leading to the inn we start already:
“Do you remember, I was stuck in horrible traffic and was desperate to get to you? I thought I would never arrive!”
“Oh yes, at 8:45 the lady in the restaurant came to find me in the garden, asking if I did want the table I had booked!”

So it goes, on and on. We love it. We love entering the room, putting the luggage down and going straight back out to enjoy a drink al fresco, surrounded by lush greenery sheltering us from the real world. This year we were lucky enough to witness gorgeous yellow flowers opening one after the other in the evening. We love sitting down in the restaurant and enjoy the fine, unusual food. We love taking the rest of our bottle of wine and our glasses into the library or the garden for a nightcap. And we love going back upstairs to the room holding hands.

After a brunch as magnificent as always on Sunday morning, we packed, paid and made a reservation for next year. We then sat down in the car and I turned towards my husband, whom I could feel was looking at me. I asked him if he felt a bit emotional, and he replied: “Yes, it was such a wonderful weekend”. That was how I felt too, but there was more. The look of pure love in his eyes made me feel incredibly alive, and blessed.

I truly am a very lucky lady.



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    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, I can imagine that flying from New Zealand to the UK for a weekend is not exactly practical. Perhaps you could find a new place where you live now which reminds you of the hotel you stayed at for your wedding night, and start a new tradition?

  1. Happy anniversary ! \o/

    Oh They’re envious of ev’rything that we do
    But I wanna say it’s wonderful
    When you love someone
    And that someone,
    And that someone really loves you.
    …” (Let them talk)

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