Very easy: Just pay Europa Park a visit!

Sexy Hubby, the girls, my sister and I just spent two fantastic days there last weekend. Blessed with gorgeous weather, we arrived just before lunchtime on Saturday, checked into the El Andaluz hotel, savoured the delicious muffins First and Second Daughters had baked for us, and went off.

The impressive Wodan


We first all climbed into a tree trunk to enjoy the Tyrol Log Flume ride, a classic that has been around for years and years. My sister and I cleverly got into the last seats, thinking we would get less wet. How wrong we were! It was great fun, though, and we quickly dried off as we walked with the sun shining on us. Sexy Hubby’s purposeful stride toward Iceland then told us that he was extremely keen to get on Wodan, the newest attraction. A roller coaster made of wood, 1’050 metres long, 35 metres high, a speed of over 100 km/h and a maximal vertical acceleration up to 3.5 G… My sister and First Daughter were equally keen, so we parted ways at the impressive entrance. Why did I not join in? I am recovering from a nasty bike fall and have to put up with a rather painful left arm, so anything shaking my bones in an extreme manner does not seem like a good idea at the moment. Second Daughter and I got soaked on the Whale Adventures – Splash Tour instead!


The Whale Watching Tour


It was then time for a quick bite and a drink before carrying on. As the summer holidays have not arrived yet the queues were very manageable, so we did not waste much time that way. We split up a few times due to different interests, only to meet up and do something together again. We loved the Fjord Rafting, First Daughter and my sister conquered the Silver Star, confessing that as they slowly went up into the sky almost vertically they did think this was an extremely bad idea, and I managed a fabulous score on the Atlantis Adventure!


Sexy Hubby doing his Viking impression


Seven o’clock arrived before we knew it. We went back to the hotel to get changed and then go for dinner. Sexy Hubby and I first thought that we had entered the room destined to my sister and her nieces by mistake as we found bunk beds as well as a double bed. Nope, they are all like this. Not exactly very romantic, especially with funny clowns staring at you! We had chosen the more upmarket buffet version as a food option, and were glad we did. The food was delicious, with plenty of starters, main courses and desserts to choose from. And this restaurant only seats one hundred people as opposed to… eight hundred for the other buffet. After a day walking with fellow park visitors all around, the air filled with screams of delight or fear, you do appreciate a bit of peace and quiet. Two shattered girls then went to bed, and us adults had a nightcap on the lovely terrace.


Plenty of water fun opportunities…


We met for a nice breakfast the following day (again plenty to pick from) and then wasted no time going out as the forecast was for rain that day. We were lucky until about two o’clock, and packed in quite a few outdoor attractions. Then, as we were having a latish lunch, the heavens opened, never to close again. We decided to go and see one of the shows, and I pushed for Waterloo, the Abba tribute show. I think I will never live this down. The artists put a lot of enthusiasm into their performance, but it is what it is, an amusement park show. Luckily for them, they had an extremely good public who clearly enjoyed the jokes and joining in with clapping and singing.

The time to go home came quickly after this. We shared one last drink together and then there were many hugs and kisses. After agreeing that we have to do this again next year, we drove off in opposite directions with lots of memories to cherish.


If you have never been to Europa Park, here are a couple of observations and tips for you:

  • Even though I had to leave out a lot of attractions due to my injury (and some of them I am too scared to try anyway), I certainly was not bored. You can easily find things to do for all ages and all levels of bravery!
  • We have done this before in one day, but agreed that to stay one night gives you a more relaxed pace. And the kids loved having an extra day.
  • If you do decide on spending a night there, BOOK EARLY! We reserved our trip in early March, and had trouble finding rooms available for that first weekend of June. The newest hotel, the Bell Rock, opens next month, so hopefully it will help.
  • Do book your evening meal in the morning. The restaurants fill up very quickly, and you probably do not want to go from one place to the next with hungry and tired children…
  • On the subject of food and drinks, we found the prices quite reasonable (Disneyland Paris, are you listening?). The quality of everything we ate or drank ranged from OK to really good. No bad experiences whatsoever.
  • Same with the toilet facilities. Everywhere we went to was clean, offered disinfectant and had enough loo paper and soap. Nice!
  • Europa Park website

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  1. The weekend was good fun indeed!!! And I already can’t wait for more Wodan rides next year… that roller coaster is highly addictive! But I do hope that next year you will join me…!? 🙂

  2. This is a great review. If I hadn’t written the BritMums travel round-up last week I would have included it. Can you add it to the linky instead?

    My husband always pops his head through those things too. I remember him doing that in Berlin! 😉

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 I have added the post to the linky, thanks for suggesting it.
      As for our hubbies, we should perhaps consider a joint post featuring them in that particular activity… 😉

    1. Thanks, happy you liked it! 🙂 I wish you lots of fun, and should you want more info, just get in touch!

  3. Boys went to there last October : few people, they could try all the attraction several times ! They kept an excellent souvenir.

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