How To Make A Spoon Man

Last week I posted about our annual trip to the South of France. Amongst the selection of photos was the spoon man, a particular kind of napkin folding our friends taught Second Daughter. Trish over at Mum’s Gone To showed a lost of interest and asked me if I would consider writing a post about it. I thought: “Why not?” and it took not time at all to persuade Second Daughter to make a new one, with Mum taking a photo of every step.

I do hope the process is self-explanatory with the images only. If not, just get in touch… Enjoy, and please post pictures of your creations!



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11 thoughts on “How To Make A Spoon Man

        1. Funky Wellies Post author

          No, you do not have a choice! 😉
          Have fun and make sure you send me or post a photo please! xx

  1. Trish - Mum's Gone to

    Thank you and your daughter for doing this for me! I have had a try but, as I couldn’t find a paper napkin, I had to use a fabric one. It was a bit fiddly as it wouldn’t stay still – he kept unravelling! But I’ve tweeted you the picture. The napkin has cherries on it so I think spoon man may be a spoon lady. She also seems to have a skirt, which wasn’t in the original instructions!!

    The link below takes you to my spoon lady:

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      You are most welcome, we had fun preparing the post too! 😉
      We LOVE your Spoon Lady with the cherries and the skirt! Thanks for posting the picture. xx

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      Indeed! Will think about it the next time I do such a post, Second Daughter would love it. xx

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