I was looking for a memory to share for Flashback Friday when I came across these photos taken a few years ago in Geneva.

It was early May and we had decided to take the girls to a hot air balloons festival that was to be held in a big park in the middle of town. We got up very early for a Saturday morning as it was scheduled to start at nine o’clok and we set off with the sun shining. Once we got there not much was happening so we went to buy some croissants and pains au chocolat to eat on a bench while waiting for the show to start.

When the owners began to unfold the balloons, the girls ran to see what was happening. They jumped a little when the hot air was turned on as we were quite near and it was of course noisy. They loved to watch the beautiful balloons inflate and slowly rise off the ground while the teams were holding onto the wicker baskets. Then the colourful show got in motion as one by one they slowly started their ascent in the magnificent blue skies. We all stood there with our heads tilted back for a long time admiring the gorgeous spectacle.

We were home again by lunchtime, very happy with our magical morning and wishing we could have climbed into one of the balloons ourselves!



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8 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloons”

  1. I went to the Balloon Festival in Bristol one year. It was amazing. So may different shapes and colours. I was rather taken with a Rupert Bear hot air balloon x

    1. Rupert Bear hot air balloon! That does sound fab! 🙂 Ours, as you can see, where much more conventional but still, it was beautiful. Thanks for commenting. xx

    1. It was amazing, especially being so close so we did not miss anything. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

  2. I asked my family for a balloon ride for my 40th and finally used the vouchers in August last year. It was an amazing experience and I am hooked, saving for my next one

    Its just surreal to be high up, feel no breeze, because you are travelling at the same speed as the wind, yet still be able to hear the cows and sheep in the fields below. Loved it!

    In the same way, I love your blog. Thank you

    1. Thanks for sharing your memories, it does sound amazing! Would love to have a balloon ride too… And thank you for saying you love my blog, I am really touched! 🙂

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