When I moved from Switzerland to Germany a bit over two years ago, I was determined to create a new real home. The kind of home family and friends truly enjoy being invited into and where wonderful memories are created. A home where visitors can feel the love and warmth, and taste delicious food and lovely wines. I believe I can say that I succeeded.

Take last Saturday, for example: I threw a party for my birthday. Five guests spent the whole weekend at our place and almost thirty people gathered into our apartment for the night. Sexy Hubby and I had brought back a selection of white, rosé and red wines from our holiday in the South of France. Two lovely friends, who are used to cooking professionally, prepared a fantastic buffet of Italian inspiration as a birthday present for me. The party theme was the 70’s, and Sexy Hubby and I were rather proud of our playlist. To my delight, all the guests played along, turning up in colourful and funny outfits. There were a few impressive wigs too!

We were blessed with summer like weather and our terrace, decorated with lots of candles and twinkling lights, was used extensively throughout the evening. Plenty was going on inside too, my Swiss, French and English friends mixing with the German crew, and everybody seemed thrilled to be catching up and meeting new people, who might become new friends! I got spoiled and there was a lot of laughter as I opened some hilarious presents from my school friends. What do you think of my wonderful Barbapapa calendar?

One thing made the night even more special for me, and that is having First Daughter with us for the weekend. It was so good to have both my children around. And as I finally stumbled into bed at 3:00 in the morning, I felt truly blessed: for having a home, and plenty of loving people to fill it with.



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14 thoughts on “Home – Sharing It With Others”

    1. People keep coming back so it must be… 😉 Rabbit No 1 is coming tomorrow, we are all very excited! We have yet to find “unplanned” No 2…

    1. Thanks, it was so much fun opening the door and discovering yet another great outfit! The food was heavenly, I cannot thank my friends enough.

  1. brilliant I love filling the house with friends and themes are great. I like the back of that full length black dress – a bit morticia. (your friends clearly weren’t legless but lost their heads with enjoyment LOL) xx

    1. I do not know if it is the Italian blood in me, but I love having friends and family in my home. The dress was actually flared trousers, but it is difficult to see on that photo. My friend wore the outfit incredibly well! As for the heads and legs, well, some people were more affected than others! 😉

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