We recently spent two wonderful weeks in the South of France near the Spanish border.

Of course I could tell you that the villages and towns are simply beautiful and the dolce vita feeling that engulfs you while you are wandering and exploring is about as good as it can get.

I could also go on and on about how we never tired of the view from our balcony as we enjoyed a meal or an “apéritif”, rosé for me and pastis for Sexy Hubby, the emerald or sometimes deep blue sea beckoning us to come back as soon as possible.

I could describe how perfect the sandy beach was and as we chose to take this trip at the end of the summer the standard “July 15th to August 15th” French holiday period was well and truly over, which meant that without going as far as saying that we were alone we certainly had more than enough space to enjoy the sun, a good book, making sand castles or going for a stroll or a swim.

It would be no surprise if I shared with you how much we appreciated the mostly simple yet delicious and flavoursome dishes that we sampled. It is of course also a wine region and we tasted many a lovely rosé, red or even the local champagne, even though the wine makers naturally cannot give their beverage this appellation.

I could recount all of this to you. But I prefer to say that:

  • First Daughter and I now own cool, almost matching pilot glasses that we acquired at the grand expense of 5 Euros each, mine in Germany and hers at one of the stalls of the local market.
  • Sexy Hubby was so relaxed that his manhood was not threatened by the fact that he was carrying the Barbapapa family bag.
  • Second Daughter got herself two sets of plastic teeth, the first a vampire one, of course, and the second a rabbit one. Very fetching!
  • She also practiced her French attitude by carrying under her arm the baguettes we bought fresh every morning from the little corner bakery. Sadly the white Marcel – which is a vest, should you wonder – and black béret were missing…
  • We have friends living there the whole year round – lucky them – and we spent a lot of time together, at their place, ours or out. The constant laughter enhanced this holiday experience, so a big thank you to them and… swing!
  • Watching the sun rising from the sea at 7:00 was just fantastic. We went running on the beach quite a few mornings with First Daughter and were amazed at this sight every single time. We also took Second Daughter with us once and this is when my camera sprung into action.
  • While walking along the beach we went past the nudist part of it which nobody has any problem with. I was amazed though to notice a blond woman attending to her bikini line – and more – with a pair of tweezers! Discreet she was not.
  • Second Daughter now considers herself a heroine as she saved “many” fish from the fishermen’s clutches, bravely picking them up while they were wriggling on the sand to throw them back into their natural habitat.

I have only one more thing to add to this post and I will use the famous words of the “Terminator” for it: we’ll be back!

5 thoughts on “Holidaying In The South Of France”

    1. Well, let me know if you ever want to go there and I will give you all the details!

      I’m a bit behind with my blog reading and the girls going back to school, will catch up and comment on yours soon…

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  1. J’ai jamais porté la moindre baguette sous le bras ! Comment oses-tu transmettre ce genre de cliché, nom d’une pipe !!!! 😉

    Great vacations ! The “côte vermeille” is really beautiful and less overcrowded.

      1. Je ne me sépare jamais de mon béret, tu penses !

        If next won’t be better, I prefer not to imagine what it could be… :S

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