We came back from the South of France almost two weeks ago but I am determined to hold onto that holiday feeling despite the definite hints of autumn in the air… Luckily I have these four souvenirs to help me!

Seashell napkins

The seashells on these pretty napkins
have the power to transport me back
to the beach during my morning walks
with Cute Doggy, when the sand right
on the edge of the water is decorated
with beautiful gifts from the sea…


Elephant teapot bought in Carcassonne

This elephant teapot caught my eye in the
window of a lovely teashop nestled in the
old town of Carcassonne. I have been using
it every afternoon since we returned and
even bought a new mug in a perfectly
matching colour, turning a simple cuppa
into a new favourite ritual.


Organic olive oil

The flavours of the South added to dishes
cooked in the North… A selection of olive oil
with a twist bought at the market.


Spirulina bath salts perfumed with essential oils

Last but not least, bath salts perfumed with
essential oils. Closing my eyes, I can hear
the sound of the waves and smell the sea…


13 thoughts on “Holding Onto That Holiday Feeling”

  1. Oh what fabulous souvenirs! I’m hopeless at buying them.
    Loved the elephant. My hubby keeps mentioning Carcassonne – what was it like?

    1. I think I did quite well this year! 😉
      I just tweeted you a Carcassone link… We love it and go back every year. xx

  2. I know what you mean – although already back to the stresses of every day life, little things remind me of the holiday. Well, that’s what holidays are for. Your teapot is delightful x.

    1. Thank you, definitely some lovely times this summer and being in the South of France was one of them. 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed your stay too. xx

  3. Those souvenirs are gorgeous, especially the teapot. I suppose I rely very much on our photos as memories of our holidays. I just love looking back at them.

  4. Souvenirs… what a good ideas ! Too often I can’t choose anyone (or I want all)…

    This year we come back with bottles… full of water… red water ! 😀 (from Cahors)

    1. I have to do a selection every year… 😉
      Funnily enough, we also came back with red water bottles!! 😀 xx

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