For my first post, I will start with a little background history so you have a chance to get to know me. Ready? Here we go…

In 200, I was living in Switzerland and going through a very difficult time in my life. Not only did I have to look for a new marketing/communication job, but my marriage was also coming to an end after years of trouble.

At the same time, a German IT consultant and musician at heart was waiting to hear from two companies for a new contract, the first one getting back to him he would say “yes” to. Number one: luxury watches/jewellery based in Geneva, number two: medical field based in Montreux.

The luxury watch-making company came back first and the IT consultant moved to Geneva. I replied to a job ad from the same company even though I was over qualified. I got an interview and my future boss was determined to hire me, so he changed the job description to fit my profile, got the right salary and I accepted the offer.

These two developments started the following chain of events:

The IT consultant and I met in the coffee corner and it was love at first sight… Yes, it really does exist outside of fairy tales!! We saw each other occasionally, but did not get to spend time alone. The company Christmas party came, and the love of my life drank three glasses of wine to find the courage to pull me up onto the dance floor – all he had to do was ask, I would have said YES! The next time we met in the coffee corner, I suggested going out for a drink, but then the Christmas holiday arrived, and in January he announced to me that he was leaving the company for another job in Germany…

A month later, I received a LinkedIn invitation, the start of a five months email correspondence, but neither side declared their true feelings. Finally, in June, I gave him an opening to which he replies straight away – and which inspired the title of this blog, perhaps one day I will explain it! – we moved onto MSN chatting and phone calls, then agreed to meet at the beginning of July.

Weekend in quirky hotel in Switzerland was simply magical, and all was revealed in that first kiss… The following weekend we said: “I love you” to each other in Germany. Then came a year of long distance relationship, tiring but also exciting, with one travelling to Germany one weekend, the other travelling to Switzerland the next.

Fate did not agree with our plans of love of my life moving to Switzerland, so I suddenly found myself in the position of having to put my house on the market and I got fired the day after asking for a sign on which decision to make and which country to live in… I swear this is true!!

Within six months, I sold my house, fought with my ex to get a final divorce agreement, dealt with the emotional reactions from my daughters, found suitable schools in Germany for them, handled a million and one administrative tasks linked to the move and emigration, sorted out my house and packed over a hundred boxes and last but not least, found a dream flat to live in with love of my life and my daughters. Again a twist of fate here, we were doing all our research on the Internet, and we found this place thanks to his colleague who saw an ad in local papers.

I finally moved to Germany in July last year and I am also taking this opportunity to change my career. I am now living the life I was craving for and constant, tremendous stress has disappeared. Love of my life had to deal with losing his job and found another one, but too far to commute every day. He comes home once a week and at the weekend, but even though it is not easy, we are making this work. He has adjusted incredibly well to having an instant family and loves “his package”!

Is that it? Not quite, it would be a major oversight not to mention our wedding of course, which took place last December in a white stretch limo at the drive up window on Lovers Lane, Las Vegas, to the sound of Europe’s “New Love in Town”…

Now that you have to whole picture, I will explain in my next post why “random thoughts”… Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Funky Wellies’s Random Thoughts!”

  1. Hello, you! Eh well, it will be necessary that I do quickly much progress in the splendid language of Shakespear if I want from now on to communicate with you!
    This known as, I find especially your blog very sympathetic and, alive! It resembles to you and that it is touching some share. You see, by e-mail, you have a style also filled of humour, but in a more concise style. There you give yourself all the space which each small event deserves: that belonged to the marvellous mosaic of the daily newspaper.
    Thanks for me making it divide, good continuation, I delighted to put my boots and to go to make some excursions with your meeting as follows: it is a sympathetic and accessible ballade for me! I even was to listen to your young singer on Youtube… a little metal for me in background… but agreeably rate/rhythm all the same! That, it should well be recognized!
    So long, dearissima, take care of you!
    In Geneva, we do not forget you, on the slopes of the Signal even less !-)

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