Today I would like to share with you a non-exhaustive list of moments that all put together make my life a very happy one… Bear in mind that this is written in no particular order!

1. Rainbows, as they make the rain interesting.
2. Going to sleep in my favourite little place in the whole world…
3. Baking with the kids (no, these creatures do not bite!).
4. Thinking about our wedding in Las Vegas…
5. A visit to Kaffeehaus, located in the small town next to our village: fabulous breakfasts, delicious Chai Latte, cult Thursday night (you would not believe how crowded it gets, especially in the summer when outside bar is open), good for drinks on Saturday night too, Prosecco Aperol on the terrace in the sun, you name it I will be there!
6. My two children showing and telling me they love me…
7. Sexy Hubby also showing and telling me he loves me…
8. Making snow angels
9. Going for a walk in the forest and coming across something pretty.
10. A hot water bottle (in the winter, obviously…).
11. These “first smile of the day” from Sexy Hubby, First Daughter and Second Daughter.
12. A beach holiday (anywhere, anytime) .
13. The look on First Daughter’s face when she thinks I am crazy… Example: “Mum, would it be difficult for you not to be able to use your iPhone for two weeks? – Yes, absolutely, I would quickly show withdrawal symptoms. – (rolling of the eyes) Mum, have I already told you that you are pathetic?”.
14. The Schlossgarten (located in same small town as Kaffeehaus), all seasons there are magnificent, but springtime beats them all.
15.  A brilliant evening with friends turning into a brilliant night with friends (something has to be said about these very deep and meaningful conversations starting around 4:00-5:00 in the morning…).