When I read the theme for the Gallery this week, I thought: “Halloween! A day too early!”
Sexy Hubby and I are going to a Halloween party tomorrow so obviously I do not have photos of our fabulous costumes to share yet. I decided to go instead for the two Halloween celebrations that impressed me the most so far.

The first experience was in 2011. I was visiting family in Toronto, where of course Halloween is a big event! I was gobsmacked at how much creativity goes into decorating homes and the atmosphere on the day itself. You can read my Toronto – Halloween Night post for a full account of this fantastic time.
Halloween Night in Toronto, Canada
The second one was last year, when Second Daughter and I flew to the UK for a week visiting a friend near Bournemouth, discovering Stonehenge and celebrating Samhain In The Chalice Gardens in Glastonbury. A truly magical evening that sent us back to our hotel with stars shining in our eyes…
Samhain in the Chalice Gardens, Glastonbury, UK
What is your favourite Halloween memory?







35 thoughts on “Halloween
In Toronto And In Glastonbury

    1. It really is a big thing, isn’t it?
      As for Samhain, it was so different… We both loved it. xx

  1. Canada is where I first fell in love with Halloween. They do it in style over there dont they. I’d like to visit Glastonbury one year for Halloween xxx

    1. Style is the right word, I agree.
      As for Glastonbury, I was so glad we happened to be there on that day. I would love to go back and attend the adult ceremony. xx

    1. Her first Halloween! 🙂 My two always enjoy it.
      As for Samhain, yes, it was very different and unforgettable… xx

  2. I’m so very envious of all your travels, girl.

    My favorite Halloweens were my childhood ones. Now, it’s thrilling to see the children enjoying the holiday. My husband and I always say we’ll go all out in terms of decorating the house and yard one of these days, but so far haven’t gotten to it.

    1. I do love traveling…
      Halloween is a relatively new event for us so I cannot compare to when I was a child.
      Let me know if you do go all out for the house decoration! 🙂 xx

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