Our weekend was wonderful. Here are a few snippets for you:

  • The thirtieth anniversary of a huge music store on Saturday
  • Chatting with friends we met there
  • Listening to some of the long list of bands performing
  • Being lucky enough to have secured a table under a tent when a massive storm broke out
  • Second Daughter trying EVERY possible instrument on offer
  • Saying that the drums were pretty cool (not so sure about that one!)
  • But being even more impressed with the electric guitar as you can see (looks like competition for Sexy Hubby in a few years?)











  • Packing our luxury picnic on Sunday morning
  • Curious? We had honey marinated chicken legs, pasta salad with lots of veggies and red lentils, tortilla with a twist and delicious apple muffins
  • All homemade by our team of three!
  • Sexy Hubby looked very sweet on his bike with two baskets, including a bucolic wicker one
  • Setting off for the fifteen kilometre ride in the gorgeous sun
  • Crossing the river on the ferry (a trip highlight for Second Daughter)
  • Settling on the “beach” (at a lake, not the sea, one cannot have everything) and savouring said picnic
  • Dozing in the sun
  • Testing the water and deciding that we might have to wait a few more weeks until we can really swim in it
  • Going home late afternoon, and congratulating Second Daughter on how brilliantly she did on the thirty kilometre round trip!


What was your weekend like?

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    1. Still pouring down with rain in your part of the world, then? :o( Yep, had to smile when I read your guitar story!

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