This week’s prompt took me a while. There were so many things I could think of! I am however not going to give you a list of them here, as they might still pop up in another post at some point… You might remember that my post last week was “Shoes – How To Combine Two Addictions“. In the end I decided that a sequel of that story would be a good idea so here you are, more leopard print photos!

I love these pictures taken by my wonderful photographer friend, she is fast creating fantastic memories for us as I now have not only photos of me but also of Sexy Hubby, my two girls and my Mum. As my study has now been repainted in a lovely turquoise colour I reserved a whole wall just for her work. I cannot wait to receive the big frame composed of twenty-eight 10×15 frames I ordered and to put together a selection.


Come to think of it, this coat also combines two addictions: My beloved animal pattern together with my favourite brand, Desigual. I have now found a reason to be glad that summer is over… Autumn means that I can start wearing it again!


Photos copyright: © Jaytee Van Stean – 2011.
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14 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures – More On That Leopard Print Addiction”

  1. Oh I have recently found Desigual and it’s amazing! I am a huge fan of Custo maybe not so in your face but exciting all the same, in fact I even stopped half way through my comment to open another page for Custo. *sigh*

    1. I know Custo too but have to say that Desigual is my favourite.. It is totally “me”. Sexy Hubby is a fan too and being in Barcelona was terrible, temptation on every street corner!! 😉

    1. Yep, I have one talented photographer friend! 🙂 Glad you love the coat too. As for stylish flair, once you have it it is for life, it must still be there somewhere!! xx

    1. Yes, the model is me and again, the credit goes to the photographer! Let me know when you get your first Desigual item, curious to see if you will find the brand as addictive as I do! Thanks for stopping by too. xx

    1. Please post a photo of you wearing it somewhere, would love to see it! This leopard print one is an autumn/early spring coat, I am on my second Desigual winter coat and will keep buying them I am sure…

    1. I bought this coat last year and have not seen it in shops this year. You should perhaps contact Desigual directly. Thanks for popping by.

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