Hi there, this is “Sexy Hubby”. I must say that it is a bit funny to describe myself in such a way, but that is how you know me if you are a regular reader of Funky Wellies’ Random Thoughts.

I am writing today to let you know that the owner of this blog, aka “Wifey”, is currently suffering from a broken arm following a bike fall:



As you can imagine, it is rather difficult to type on a keyboard when your arm is blocked at a ninety degrees angle… Furthermore I have insisted that my lovely wife rests as much as possible if her cast is to come off in ten days as planned. Not an easy thing for my “Turbo Wife” to accept!! However the sitting down reading and catching up on home decorating shows is clearly working, as she is now in a lot less pain. She is also quite enjoying bossing me around while I am slaving away…

She and our photographer friend have another Desigual project coming up on this blog next week, which is perfect, as it does not require much typing. Normal service will resume soon after this.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!



12 thoughts on “Guest Post From Sexy Hubby”

  1. Hello to Sexy Hubby! I do think, in return, you should refer to your beloved as ‘Sexy Wifey’. She would like that!

    Send her my love, so sorry she’s had an accident and hope she recovers quickly and isn’t in too much discomfort.

    1. Hello Trish!
      Wifey is very, very sexy indeed and I try to tell her every day… but today I was not allowed to call her “Sexy Wifey”, because she currently doesn’t feel sexy with the cast.

  2. Oh know, poor FunkyWellies. Look after her, so she is back to health quickly. Much love x

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