I do not know about the part of the world you live in, but here in Germany the summer stopped rather abruptly. One minute I was still able to sunbathe, the next scarves and boots came out. I had hoped for a lovely Indian summer, when warm, sunny days gradually give way to wind and rain. No such luck, it seems.

However, the autumn colours have not quite made their appearance yet. Sure, you can spot leaves starting to turn here and there. A few of them have already fallen to the ground. But green can still be seen everywhere.

I choose to interpret this as the promise of a new spring to come…


Sun shining through the trees

Plants with orange and green flowers

Plants growing

Green plants in a forest

18 thoughts on “Green Can Still Be Found”

  1. Love these pics- actually seeing what some people take has given me the bug to try and update to a much better camera LOL – that will be on my Xmas list! Today I have sunshine and have washing out and everything does look greener- won’t be long though eh? x

    1. Thanks, Tracy. Fingers crossed you will get one for Christmas! I am having fun fiddling with mine, even though it is relatively “old” now…
      Lucky you to have sunshine! Pouring down here… xx

  2. I think we must be having the same weather as you here in the UK. We still have some greenery around too. This looks like a lovely place to be 🙂

  3. Lovely photographs! It suddenly turned over here as well. We had a lovely first week of September, then it went to the dogs. Apparently it’s going to get a little warmer over here this weekend….. X.

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Just looked at the weather forecast… It does look a lot more promising from that weekend onwards. 😀 xx

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