I took Sexy Hubby for a trip down my memory lane when we flew to Manchester for four days. The last time I had visited was almost three years ago with two friends, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of our year there. I was happy to be back!

So what did we do? We were welcomed by friends on the Saturday and had lunch at their place, before meeting with the lady I used to work for. I was a bit shocked to be told that she was hosting her son’s engagement party that night; he will somehow always be a cute four-year-old boy to me…

The evening was spent first in a Spanish bar the two of us alone, then in the pub with eight friends, followed by a delicious Indian meal… Sexy Hubby – who has lived in the UK too – and I do miss the pub culture!

On Sunday, after a hearty full English breakfast in a local café and a walk around the village, our friends took us for a lovely drive in the Peak District. We then visited the beautiful town of Buxton, where we thoroughly enjoyed our cream tea (yes, I miss that too!).

On Monday, after another lovely English breakfast and a coffee at a friend, we took the metro into Manchester itself. The plan was to show Sexy Hubby the centre of town and do some shopping. After a short walk we found a pub we liked and decided to sit outside, as it was not cold. Well, two men started talking to us – one of the reasons I loved my year in Manchester so much is that I came across so many friendly people. The trouble is, we did not leave for the next three hours, and even ended up having dinner at the Hard Rock Café together! We managed a mad rush to the shops to get a couple of presents before closing time and that was it. As we were flying back at lunchtime the following day, Monday was our only opportunity for a bit of sightseeing…

In the words of Sexy Hubby: “We will have to come back then”!


GoodTimesInManchester_1 GoodTimesInManchester_2 GoodTimesInManchester_3 GoodTimesInManchester_4 GoodTimesInManchester_5 GoodTimesInManchester_6 GoodTimesInManchester_7 GoodTimesInManchester_8 GoodTimesInManchester_9 GoodTimesInManchester_10 GoodTimesInManchester_11 GoodTimesInManchester_12


17 thoughts on “Good Times In Manchester”

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time and had decent weather. Your photos are brilliant, I love the one of both of you. You need an Irish holiday next, come & visit me 🙂

    1. We did, on both counts! 🙂 Glad you like the photos. Would LOVE an Irish holiday, believe me!! xx

  2. checked.
    manchester is definitely on my this year’s weekend-visit-wish-list. think i ‘ll like british food 🙂

    1. Glad I managed to inspire you! 😉
      If you need any tips or infos, you know where to find us…

  3. Great photos, especially the warmth that emanates from the first shot. And how could I not love that last pic – a handsome happy couple x

    1. You are too kind! Since your hubby was not handling the camera we managed to keep our heads… 😉 xx

  4. That’s exactly what weekends away are for – fab food, friends, relaxing.
    Your photos capture the beauty and diversity of England.
    So pleased that the weather was kind to you 🙂

    1. Indeed, and more coming up now with meeting up with my friend in London! 🙂
      Wish you could have met there too!
      As for the photos, your analysis is very good, as it is exactly what I tried to do with my selection… xx

  5. Wonderful set of photos…. especially the last one, what a handsome couple. Sounds like you had a fab time. I haven’t been to Manchester now for a while – once upon a time I used to travel across the Peninnes once a week to buy my vinyl from Eastern Bloc records.

    1. Really? I can picture you doing this. 🙂
      Thanks for the compliments! I am always happy to go back to Manchester and always enjoy myself. xx

    1. Thank you, Emma! Yes, we did have a fab time, and I think it shows on that last photo!! 😉 xx

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