Once upon a time, I used to get invited to glitzy events. In that particular instance, it was an important anniversary for a luxury watch making company. A colleague of mine had received an invitation and been told that she was welcome to bring a friend along, and she asked me. I later on returned her the favour when a supplier sent me tickets to the Montreux Jazz Festival, but this is another story!

As the event was to take place not far from where I lived, Lovely Colleague came to my house and we got ready together for our big night out. I believed it was the only time I wore this sequined dress, but who knows what might happen in the future?

We arrived at the venue and after showing our invitations, we had to stop before entering the huge marquee to pose for a photo. Needless to say, we did not make the people pages of any glossy magazines.

Inside we were directed to our table, where six people were already sitting. I discreetly asked Lovely Colleague if she knew them – as myself I had never met the person who had invited us – and she lightly shook her head. A few minutes later, a young man arrived and asked me if I was Lovely Colleague. I replied that no, I was her friend, and introduced her. It turned out that we had been shown to the wrong table!

We spent a very pleasant evening eating delicious food and drinking amazing champagne and wines, but sadly our benefactor did not make it in the end due to a family emergency, so I did not get the chance to thank him. We were however very well looked after.

Concert, dancing, shows, gift bags containing champagne and the glasses to drink it, nothing was spared for the guests to have a fantastic night. And a lot of fun we had!


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  1. wow i am LOVING that pink sparkly dress!! i bet you looked amazing – you do from what I can see of you.
    i so used to love nights out like that here you get to dress up and get your hair done and wear held etc… happy memories indeed. cheers x

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