These past few days have been lovely as my Mum decided to visit and spend most of First Daughter’s last week with us.

She arrived on Monday afternoon and off we went for a bit of shopping and a drink on a terrace in the sun. Back home she declared that we definitely should go out for dinner, her treat. We had a fantastic Indian meal at our nearby restaurant. It was Second Daughter’s first real introduction to this type of food and to my great surprise she ate and loved everything. The mango juice and Sekt my Mum and I had as an aperitif was delicious, and I am a definite fan of their Indian red wine too!

Tuesday was a bit quiet, school was still on, Second Daughter had her dance class, I had a couple of appointments and the weather was not great. We just chilled out when home.

Yesterday was the last school day for the girls. They finished at midday and after lunch off we went to do a photo shoot. My lovely and talented photographer friend kindly offered to do this for us so we would have memories of the time spent together. I cannot thank her enough. My Mum and First Daughter were a bit self-conscious before we started – Second Daughter had no such misgivings! – but they soon relaxed and we really enjoyed ourselves during these two hours. We then went to the place I am hoping to hire for my upcoming birthday party, as I wanted to have a chat with the owner. We had drinks, talked, all very relaxed, and soon it was past six o’clock. Walking back to the car, my Mum said that since we had gone out for her first night with us we should do the same for the last one. There was no protesting from her daughter and granddaughters and we had another very good meal in our favourite restaurant. Back home watching a film and drinking a glass of homemade Limoncello – my Mum and I, that is, not the girls of course – I sent a thank you message to adorable photographer friend. A reply popped up on my iPhone a few seconds later. She was finished editing the pictures and could she come by to drop them off. How sweet of her! What can I say? Just like the shooting she did of Sexy Hubby and I, we love all of the one hundred and fifteen photos she gave us! I really wish right now that I did post photos showing the faces of my kids on this blog, but since I do not I will show you our companion instead!

My Mum is leaving today and since she would like to buy herself some clothes we are off to a shopping centre we like this afternoon, and we will take her to the train station afterwards. I am really glad she was here with us this week, and that she helped First Daughter sort out her things and pack. Although I had offered her my help too, it would have been incredibly difficult for me to do so. My Mum sensed that, I am sure, and without saying anything got on with it.

For her sensitivity and support I am truly grateful.

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10 thoughts on “Girls Time”

  1. This is such a special time for you. Tinged with such sadness but you must also be proud of yourself that your daughter feels strong enough in her own mind to be apart from you. It says such a lot of positive things about your relationship with her and I know from my own experience that it can only grow stronger. Thinking of you this week as you make the final preparations for this great stepping stone in both your lives, and especially the next few weeks as the change sinks in for you. Beautiful blog

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, supportive comment. It is so lovely to have my “virtual” friends around, and you certainly are always there. Your words certainly give me hope! xx

    1. Your comment touched me… I do not know your history, but what I can do is send hugs! xx

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