This picture was taken a few years ago in Zakynthos. My sister was living in Greece at the time, and we met on the island for a family holiday. It certainly not the most fantastic from a technical point of view but I love this photo: We look so relaxed, our smiles are huge, and my sister has her arm around my shoulders.


My daughters no longer live under the same roof now, but still, I am hoping they will share the same bond in adulthood.



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22 thoughts on “Girls – Sisters”

    1. Thank you. My girls have retained their bond so far despite living apart, I do hope it will remain that way. xx

  1. Hum well not exactly the most flattering photo of myself but well, nice to remember the good old times of living in Greece, under the sun and by the sea, away from Geneva’s dreary climate, and the happiness of having my dear sister visiting 🙂

    1. Stop being so modest, it is a great photo! 😉 Feel free to go back to Greece, would love to visit again!! 😉 It was a lovely holiday, and we were very happy we manage to share it with you. xx

  2. Sometimes the bond takes a while to develop. My brother and I became so close when Mom was ill, now we are inseparable.

    Your photo is very personal, and beautiful x.

    1. I am happy for you that you are so close to your brother, but sorry to hear about the circumstances.
      My daughters’ bond was always strong and I was concerned this would change with the distance, but fortunately it has not. I hope they will be as close as I am to my sister still when they are adults. xx

    1. Thank you, but in real life we do not look so alike somehow! My sister and I have lived in different countries for the most part of our adult life but it does not change anything from a closeness point of view.

    1. “Especially with your shades on” are the keywords here!! Take them off, and the twins are gone… 😉 Glad Zakynthos means happy memories for you too. xx

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