Today I want to share with you the good times we have with a friend of mine. We met through our ex-husbands and first saw each other when she was living in Hamburg and I was in Switzerland. Now I am the one who lives in Germany and she is back in the UK!

She has two boys, I have two girls, they are of similar ages and get on like a house on fire. We keep in touch frequently via emails and phone calls. We also try and see each other as much as possible, sometimes with the kids and sometimes without (that is usually when we go and have fun in London!).

These pictures were taken when our children where still quite young. She came in the summer with her sons and we had a ball: we ate pancakes – as you can see! – and fondue, went on day trips and the kids loved that park by the lake with all its climbing frames, swings and slides.

I am hoping for a girls’ weekend in the not too distant future, and we have already tentatively talked about her and the boys coming to Germany next Easter.

Looking at these photos and writing about that visit made me smile. I hope this post will make you smile too!



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8 thoughts on “Fun By The Lake”

    1. Yes, every time we see each other, we start right off where we left it! Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Your photos always make me smile lovely! 😉 What a wonderful friendship. Hope you do get your girlie weekend soon! 😉 And thanks, as ever, for participating in Flashback Friday!
    🙂 Karin

    1. I could really do with a girlie weekend, so hoping it will not be too long indeed! 😉 Glad to see that my headless photos still have the same impact on you… 😉 xx

  2. friendships like that where even living miles apart makes no difference are so wonderful. its brilliant that despite meeting via your ex husbands you remain great friends now still. l hope that girlie weekend soon comes along xx

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