“A person attached to another by feelings of affection”: I think the photo montage below speaks for itself?

“A person who gives assistance and support”: Just like the friends who immediately rallied around me and my family after I sent them all a text saying my Dad had died unexpectedly. Visits, hugs, offers of help, phone calls, texts, cards, flowers, emails, attending the funeral, they were all there.

And I am very, very grateful for their existence, their presence and the warmth and joy they bring into my life.


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20 thoughts on “Friends – A Couple Of Definitions”

    1. LOL!! I cannot remember WHY we decided to do this, but I do know that we were all in stitches!!

    1. Hem, yes, there have been some memorable parties… 😉 The thing I love most is when I can get my friends living in Switzerland, in the UK and in Germany all together!

    1. Yes, I think I fully realised how important my friends were when my Dad passed away. xx

  1. It’s the best thing to be surrounded by people who genuinely care about you and whom you can count on in times of trouble.
    Sorry to hear about your dad’s sad passing, I lost my dad too and I miss him terribly
    Big hugs xx

    1. Indeed, I feel really blessed. It is a few years now that my Dad passed away, but reading this definition of “friend” brought it all back to me, vividly (yes, I did cry!). So sorry that you lost your Dad too, I do miss mine loads still. Big hugs back. xx

  2. there are many definitions for friendship but none does justice to what it really feels like to have friends.
    through thick and thin … it`s a blessing to have them!!

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