Very quick post again as we are off to finally get our wedding rings engraved and then to an Asparagus Festival (yes, really).

So yes, an easy way to make you feel very good about yourself is to learn how to master the Wii Fit a bit and do a daily “Body Test”, preferably in the morning. Why? Because when you are 39 and your Wii Fit age is 22, this gives you an incredibly great feeling for the day!

That is it for today, hope you are enjoying the weekend!


0 thoughts on “Forget Botox, Get A Wii Fit!”

  1. … and what, if that thing tells you that you are 53? it happened to me the first time I tried and I’m avoiding that thing since then!

  2. I’m around in my 20s and every time I take my body test it says I’m 45 or so. I’ve given up on the body tests now, I’m never my own age!