As I recounted in my previous post, Angels, Sexy Hubby and I spent our anniversary – the “getting together” one, not the wedding one – in the awesome place where we spent our first weekend together.

The inn has a very particular charm, which I have not found anywhere else. The rooms are all different and full of quirky details. And the food is simply wonderful. This was our starter:

I would not have thought of teaming king prawns with peas, but the combination was fantastic. I shall try to reproduce this dish at home.

It was followed by filet mignon “perfumed with hay” for Sexy Hubby and salmon in a lovage sauce for me. Both our main courses were accompanied by unusual vegetables, quickly dipped in a delicious batter and lightly fried. For dessert, we went for the strawberry mousse in a bricelet with a scoop of homemade ice cream.




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34 thoughts on “Food – It Starts With The Eyes”

  1. I should have known from the title not to look but I did! Now I’m starving & cant get that imagined taste out of my mouth! Drooling!

    1. Yep, thought it was! 🙂 It is such a creative place, always a delight to be there. xx

  2. Mmmmm that starter looks right up my street! And it does start with your eyes! I hope you enjoyed your weekend away!! X

    1. It was a first for us too! 😉 Yep, the prawns were fantastic… Thanks for commenting.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, so nice to relax and talk with a good bottle of wine, while lovely dishes are being brought to you… Sigh…

    1. It was dinner for us, but we got plenty of sunshine in the garden in the afternoon with “summery” drinks!

  3. Oooh that meal sounds so yummy and wow the picture of your starter looks amazing – what is the red part to it though?

    1. It was brilliant. The red bit was a flower. Probably edible, but as I said, found it too pretty to eat!

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