Sexy Hubby and I spent the last weekend of October in our beloved Cologne. The main reason was to attend a Blackberry Smoke concert – more to come about this – but we stayed an extra day to enjoy the city.

We were blessed with mild, sunny weather and after our traditional Starbucks breakfast we headed towards the Rhine going past the Koelner Dom. On the square in front of the cathedral, we had our first encounter with fabulous giant soap bubbles. I have posted the most dramatic looking one yesterday but I took plenty of other photos as we met three street artists in total crafting them. I quite like the double bubble you can see below too, I caught it just before the little girl on the left popped it. I found the bubbles, shining in the sun, as fascinating as the many children did, to the point that Sexy Hubby had to encourage me to move along after a while…

We then came across a vast flea market on the banks of the Rhine. It was just lovely strolling along pointing interesting finds to each other and yes, we did consider buying the leggy lamp but we were not too keen on the lampshade. Who knows, we might build our own! I could of course not resist buying some second hand books, which have now been added to my German pile. I was also delighted to spot this original Wham single, Last Christmas being one of my favourite Christmas songs. It will no doubt get played as of December 1st!

If you like flea markets, what is your favourite purchase?
Giant Soap Bubble near the Rhein in CologneFlea market in CologneSecond Hand Books Cologne Flea MarketFunky lamp at the Cologne Flea MarketCologne Flea MarketWham Last Christmas

15 thoughts on “Flea Market & Soap Bubbles In Cologne”

  1. Looks like you had a great time 🙂
    My favourite items from flea market are: a brown suede jacket from Amsterdam, a two meter long lampshade from Krakow (need to move somewhere with very tall ceilings now…)

    1. Me too! Always interesting things to look at… or buy. 🙂
      I was truly fascinated by the bubbles! And chuffed with my Wham find… 😉 xx

  2. Oh you should have bought the leggy lamp and ditched the shade!
    Sounds like a super visit to Cologne – bubbles, books and bric-a-brac!

    1. There is another reason why we did not buy it… but the idea we definitely keep! 😉
      We did have a great time, thank you. xx

    1. I had not been to one for a long time either, it made it all the more enjoyable I think.
      Thanks for stopping by. xx

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