The lovely Jayne over at “Mum’s is the Word” has tagged me. I have been given 7 open sentences to be completed, in an attempt to define who I am. I have tried my best and hope you will enjoy it… as well as the posts of the fellow bloggers I am going to tag too!

So here we go:

I am… finally at a stage in my life where I can say that I have found happiness. Of course not everything is perfect. Sexy Hubby and I are apart during the week as he works too far to commute, this has been going on for over a year now and we both find it extremely tough. First Daughter is not really in a good place at the moment and I wish I could help her more. Relationship with my ex is also very difficult and it is stupid, as it does not need to be like this. But I can truly say that I am happy, I have now the life I had been wanting for years, I am working from home which means that I can be there for my kids and have fun with them – and Second Daughter especially is over the moon with the new arrangement! I am part of some exciting projects and I have time to write, one of my passions… I feel very comfortable with myself and I have finally started to “let go”, to accept that I cannot control everything and that some details really are not that important. This is still very much a “work in progress” but I have not heard my kids use our code for stopping one of my rants for a while now… 😉

The bravest thing I have ever done… is without contest moving to Germany almost two years ago. There were so many aspects to consider: first and foremost my children and the impact this would have on them, integrating in a foreign country, finding proper schools, learning a different language, selling my house in Switzerland and finding a new place to live, etc. It was a hell of a six months until the move but I consider this one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It took guts and sweat to do it, and I am incredibly proud of myself for achieving it.

I feel prettiest when… I see the way Sexy Hubby looks at me. He is of course completely biased in thinking that I am the most beautiful and sexiest woman alive but hey, this is so good for my ego! 😉 Even though I work from home I still dress nicely and use make-up every day because this is who I am. When I look at photos taken in my twenties I find myself much more attractive now even though my body is less “perfect” having had two babies and being older. I have also found my style, I supposed I could say, which means that I am now mostly dressed in Desigual outfits!

Something that keeps me awake at night is… not much, really. First of all I sleep with earplugs, so any kind of noise has to be fairly loud to wake me up (I have been known to sleep through my alarm clock, which is AC/DC “Hells Bells”…). I do wake up during the night occasionally when I am going through a stressful period but this does not happen very often. However I do get my best nights sleep when Sexy Hubby is home… There is nothing that can compare to going to sleep nestled into my favourite little place in the whole world!

My favourite meal is… anything which has been cooked with love (as long as it is not meat, which I do not eat!). I love preparing a festive meal for family and friends, or have them do the same for us/me. My family has an Italian background and I have totally inherited that love of sitting down and enjoying lovely dishes and wines. Last Saturday Sexy Hubby and I cooked together as a belated Valentine’s dinner and we had a wonderful evening. We had honey-glazed and basil salmon with beans, followed by pasta – that a friend bought for us in Italy – in a creamy rosemary sauce. It was heavenly and we loved everything, from choosing the recipes to going food shopping, and from working together in the kitchen sharing a glass of wine to sitting down to a candle lit table to savour our meal. I also love baking with my girls, and our favourite is probably making funny bread animals!

The way to my heart is… to understand who I am and to love me for it, with all my good points but all my flaws too.

I would like to be… a vampire so that I could stay in that phase of my life forever! Joking apart, I have achieved most of what I wanted: I am sharing my existence with the love of my life, I have two beautiful, smart, talented and kind daughters, I have a wonderful network of friends, I am healthy and pretty fit and I have found the perfect balance between all my different roles and activities – even if at times clones would come in handy! My only remaining wish now is to be recognised as a writer…

And now it is your turn: @mumsgoneto, @mediocre_mum, @tara_cain and @JennyPaulin!

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  1. I love this post. Written from the heart, nothing put on or forced about it. And I am happy for you, my friend, that you are so happy with your place in life, where you are now. Few achieve it, and it takes effort and courage as well as an unfailing belief in the possibilities of life to make the changes necessary to find one’s place, to find happiness. … As to the recognition as a writer: it too will come :-). xoxo xoxo

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely words, Vickie. x

      PS: I started using earplugs while living in my first flat, neighbour below was watching TV VERY loud until late at night, then was up at 5:00 walking on the wooden floor in high heels… It was either earplugs or insanity!!

  2. I see I’m tagged – will have a think and do my bit!

    I could comment on all the lovely romantic stuff in this post but my eye was drawn to your AC/DC alarm clock. This brings back happy memories of my childhood – saw the band twice with my brother.

    1. Thanks for joining in, Trish!

      As for AC/DC, why I am not surprised… 😉 I have yet to see them live, but I will need to borrow that embroidered denim jacket of yours for Bon Jovi in the summer!!

  3. I love your post because it is refreshing to read someone that it is seeing the glass half full, that´s it is grateful for what she has and has done and accepts life as it is. Seeing the world with those eyes, it´s a real gift!!

  4. Lovely open post there 🙂 great to see that yu have reached a stage in your life where you are happy, content and feel you have achieved s much. That’s lovely x
    thanks for tagging me………now I need to think of some things to write myself!

  5. Your happiness is contagious <3

    I read exactly what I has felt about you since you moved. This message is "only" the summary of all our conversations. Even if I am not surprised by your post, I feel really very happy for you and your daughters. Thanks to Sexy Hubby 😉

    Go ahead !!!! ^^

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