As explained in my Alternative Christmas post, Sexy Hubby and I spent the Christmas week in the South of France. One afternoon, we decided to head for Narbonne for a bit of festive atmosphere. We were also curious to see what the town would look like compared to the summer.

Unfortunately it was overcast that day, a bright blue sky would certainly have been better for yet another of my photography marathon but still, I think the pictures give a good impression of how pretty Narbonne was. The temperatures were relatively mild and the terraces of the cafés very busy. Various artists took turns on the stage set in the main square and the music added to the cheerful ambience. Sexy Hubby and I of course had to pose in front of the many white Christmas trees, with Cute Doggy clearly wondering when the walk would resume!

The blue light of the decorations strung over the passage leading up to the cathedral was magical; their red ribbons echoed in the two rows of sentinel trees guarding the paved street below. The massive white pine trees adorned with pink light in one of the courtyards were equally beautiful.

Eventually we walked over to the Christmas market, which had taken over both sides of the canal. In comparison to the markets we have in Germany it was small, but we enjoyed strolling around the stalls and looking at the children enjoying the mini funfair. It was slowly getting dark and I suddenly noticed the fabulous reflection of the lights in the canal, but this will be the theme of my post tomorrow…
Christmas And Palm Trees NarbonneWinter Scene NarbonneWinter Decorations NarbonnePosing In Front of A Christmas Tree NarbonnePosing In The Town Square NarbonneBlue Christmas Lights Cathedral NarbonneWhite And Pink Christmas Tree NarbonneChristmas Time Cathedral NarbonneNativity Cathedral NarbonneTree Lights NarbonneGingerbread Mann House NarbonneChristmas Lights Narbonne

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    1. You may be right, but some other shots definitely could have benefited of a bit of sun and blue sky… xx

  2. Thank you very much !

    A proof of my blonditude :
    picture 1 : Oh that’s Funky Wellies who walks the dog
    picture 2 : Oh no, that’s Sexy Hubby ! But how they do ?
    and that… I understand that’s not easy to take a picture with a dog at the end of the hand !

    Yes… I know… I’m tired… 😀

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