Regular readers of this blog know that I love going to music festivals or concerts. During the summer season, an outdoor location is often picked as the venue, but this does not guarantee sunny and warm weather… My Rock The Nation post explained that fact in detail! I also remember going to a festival in Switzerland up in the mountains many years ago. I had made the mistake of wearing hiking shoes, but since we were sinking into mud up to mid-calf I bitterly regretted my choice… Of course, I should have worn wellies instead!

I never made that mistake again and now own a few pairs of that essential accessory should the weather forecast be for rain. I have in fact just added these funky festival wellies to my collection:

Green Floral Print Wellies - Filthy Fox

I love the cheerful green floral pattern and the fact that they are adjustable at the top. My lower legs being thin, it can be difficult to find boots of any kind that suit their shape nicely. Being a size 38 in Germany I ordered a size 5. The wellies fit well but should I need to wear thicker socks they would probably be a bit tight. Fortunately there is an innersole that can be removed and that would give enough room.

Green Floral Print Wellies - Filthy Fox

I now have an alternative to my leopard print, camouflage and plain dark blue wellies to match the perfect festival outfit to!

Green Floral Print Wellies - Filthy Fox Green Floral Print Wellies - Filthy Fox

Disclosure: Filthy Fox sent me a pair of wellies free of charge in return for writing this review. Words, photos and opinion are my own.

7 thoughts on “Festival Essential”

    1. LOL!! It was about time, I guess!
      They do look great, I am sure yours do too, shame you cannot wear them! xx

  1. Now these are funky wellies! I love wellies like this. I am building up a nice wellie collection now and I’m going to have a look at filthy fox to see if I can buy more. I have wellies to suit every occasion ha 🙂

    I’m running a kids wellies giveaway on my blog at the minute and I’m so jealous of the gorgeous boots they can have!

    1. Glad you like my new funky wellies! 😉 As I wrote, I have four pairs so far, not sure I will stop there… 😀
      Just had a look at your giveaway, such cute wellies! xx

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