As promised in my FACES 4 FASHIONDAYS Casting post yesterday, here is the link to the radio show that was recorded live at the event by the FASHIONDAYS team.

This post could also have been entitled The Moment I Realised That I Need to Work On My Radio Skills… 😉 My interview was completely on the spur of the moment and I was therefore not prepared for it. If you decide to listen to the show, I would like to say that obviously, I know other words than “beautiful”!! 😉

This was the fourth live show for the FASHIONDAYS crew and they provided an entertaining time. The casting winners and Dorothea Schmidt from LECRIO also did well. Should you not speak a word of German, you can jump to the 37:42 minute in the show and hear Susanne Hofmann-Fraser and myself talk in English.
FASHIONDAYS Radio Live Show - Casting and Kick-Off Party - DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart
Click on the image and enjoy!

Image courtesy of the FASHIONDAYS Group website.