While I was finishing my first novel to send it off to a literary agent in London who had requested the full manuscript, my blog had to take a back seat. I am now catching up with recent events!

Like every year, we attended the Carnival festivities in our corner of Germany. The parade in our village was the first opportunity to get into the spirit. It would seem that the various groups participating are very lucky: every year, the sun shines on them or at the very least clouds hold back the rain. This of course raises the number of attendees gathered in the village streets, waiting to be entertained by the colourful floats passing by. It is always a great occasion to use my camera and you will find a selection of my efforts below.A black and white version of the fantastic Alice in Wonderland float is available here.

Next – and last, as I was then leaving for Switzerland – was our traditional Faschingsparty. The theme this year was “I love NY”. Apart from dressing up as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building, we did not come up with too many ideas. Then Sexy Hubby declared that New York equals to extravagant and went off to order… a leopard print costume! Teamed with gold-rimmed sunglasses, cowboy hat and boots, he was just perfect. As I had just bought a black leather dress, I accessorized it with long velvet gloves, a feather boa, huge sunglasses, my blonde wig and… leopard print tights. You can find photos of our efforts here and here.

We were a tad disappointed in the party itself. First, a new security firm was in charge and they were useless. As always the evening was sold out so there was no reason for the massive queue that greeted us when nobody needed to buy an entrance ticket. The men at the door were needlessly holding people back and we ended up waiting outside in the freezing cold for forty minutes. I was definitely not amused. Then in previous years a fab set of DJs had been hired, and while not all of their musical choices was to our liking, they were brilliant at keeping the party atmosphere on a high. This year a live band had taken their place. We were not particularly impressed and during their regular breaks, it sounded like a CD was replacing them, the mood suddenly dropping every time. Still, we enjoyed our night out, or should I say date night, as the party was on Valentine’s Day?
Fasching Carnival 2015 Germany FloatFasching Carnival 2015 Germany Olymp Gods FloatFasching Carnival 2015 Germany Alice In Wonderland FloatFasching Carnival 2015 Germany Hornet Nest FloatFasching Carnival 2015 Germany Joker Cinema Float With CameraFasching Carnival 2015 Germany Joker Las Vegas FloatFasching Carnival 2015 Germany Road Work FloatFasching Carnival 2015 Germany Panda Costumes

9 thoughts on “Fasching 2015”

    1. Good question, but I am afraid I do not have an answer for you!
      These two were quite happy to pose for me, though. 😉 xx

    1. LOL! We do like to make an effort with our Carnival outfits… 😉
      Believe me, the whole thing is still fascinating to me, even after six years!! xx

  1. I celebrated Karneval for the first time here in Germany and I thought it was so interesting! We don’t have anything like this in Canada so for me it was such a different experience! Love your photos.

    1. Carnival is celebrated in some parts of Switzerland, but not where I used to live.
      I really enjoy joining in every year and I now know most of the traditional Fasching songs! ;o)
      Thanks for the compliment. xx

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