Last weekend we had the visit of one of my cousins and his family. They live in Canada, so we do not get to see each other very often. I went to see them in Toronto last October, to meet their gorgeous daughter, who is my goddaughter. Love at first sight, it was! I was quite sad when I left them after an awesome week, as I did not know when we would meet again. I was therefore chuffed when they announced they would come and stay with us for a couple of days on their way to Switzerland.


My cousin and I go way back. He is a year younger than me, and then my sister is a year younger than him. We lived in the same village when we were kids, and we spent many, many hours playing together. We founded our own “club”, later on with my brother too, and did everything from craft to cooking, and from fancy dressing to science experiments! My Italian Family post will also tell you about our theatre skills…

Years of living far apart meant that although we always kept in touch, we did not share too much of our lives. I am really glad that since he and his lovely wife asked me to be the godmother of their daughter, we are now much more in contact again.


Last Sunday was also a big day for Second Daughter. She was part of the annual garden party of her music school and played a piece on the piano. She said that she “made three mistakes and had to improvise”, but I do not think that people noticed. I know we did not, and we were very proud of her!

And afterwards when I saw her playing with my cousin’s son, a wonderful little boy, and his sister, I could not help but wonder if one day she might also write such a post sharing her childhood memories…


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