My maternal Grandmother gave this medallion to me on my twentieth birthday. As I mentioned previously on this blog, she was Italian and having a gold Vreneli mounted as a piece of jewellery was a favourite as a present idea. I think my Mum and my aunties all have one too.

My Grandmother died many years ago. She first got breast cancer and survived that ordeal, but she was then later on diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The first time I left for the UK she was already sick, but told me not to worry, that she would still be around for my Christmas visit. And she was. I went back and forth between the two countries many times, and she was always there to welcome me.


The last time I left her health had declined a lot, and I remember we both cried when I went to say goodbye. However I still thought that I would find her waiting when coming back for yet another Christmas. She died three weeks after my departure and I flew home completely distraught for her funeral.

This medallion is very precious to me, just like the other memories I have from her. We were very close and still miss her today. I also feel sad that she never met my daughters. She would have adored them. Going to Italy over the years, people used to stop me in the streets of her village to say that they knew instantly which family I came from. This feeling of belonging is incredibly important to me, and it helps keeping my Grandmother’s spirit alive.



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21 thoughts on “Faces – A Treasured Souvenir”

  1. Such a special take on the theme and very moving. what a beautiful hand me down you have been given – no wonder you treasure it so. Xx

    1. Thank you, Jenny, since I do not show faces on my blog I had to find an idea, and thought this would be nice to share. xx

    1. Thank you, Laura. This will definitely be passed down to one of my daughters, and the story will be told too.

  2. In your misfortune, you had the chance to say goodbye to your grand-mother.

    Mine is left later (she knew DS1 and a little bit DS2) but she left suddenly (good for her). We were very close and we knew mutually how we love each other but I would like to say more to her.

    That’s a beautiful story.

    1. Thank you, and yes, I am lucky that we could say goodbye. I am sorry you did not get the chance with your grandmother. I did not either with my Dad, and this was very difficult to accept. xx

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