Once again I had a dilemma with a Gallery theme… What photo to use when the prompt is “Eyes” and you do not show family and friends faces on your blog? I had a couple of ideas but they quickly disappeared when Sexy Hubby, Second Daughter and I bundled up and went out on a cold but very sunny Sunday. We were on a brisk walk in our nearby beloved castle gardens when I came across these eyes:

And here is their owner:

I was bowled over by the expression the sculptor had managed to convey. To me, there is infinite sadness in these eyes. It made me wonder what the artist was thinking when he created this statue and in a peculiar way, I felt like stroking the lion’s stony fur to comfort him.

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24 thoughts on “Eyes – Set In Stone”

  1. You would never have guessed by the first photo tha those eyes belonged to a lion , would you? Such deep and meaningful expressive eyes for an animal (and sculpture!) zz

    1. Nope, that is why I thought I would do it that way. Glad you find these stone eyes striking too. xx

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