With the current Siberian temperatures, I guess you will agree that any means of keeping warm is welcome. Kind words can do just that.

I was really touched recently when I received delightful compliments about my writing from two friends. The first one lives in London, and here is what she said:

Encouragement_1“Aahh, I really enjoy reading your blog, you have such an attractive flowing style!”

The second one resides far away from me, in Los Angeles to be precise. His words:

Encouragement_2“By the way you are a wonderful writer. Your articles, just like your private letters, radiate joy and intellect and wit, in just a perfect combination, and make one want to read you more.”

How encouraging and gratifying to hear such praise about an activity you are passionate about!

So to these two friends, and the numerous other ones who have also told me they appreciate my writing, to my lovely blog followers, to the test readers/critics of my book and last but not least to my family, whose members all support me in their own way, A MASSIVE THANK YOU!

Your enthusiasm means a lot to me…





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  1. A little encouragement goes a long long way. I think sometimes we forget how nice a feeling it gives us. It’s lovely that your friends acknowledged you’re efforts and hard work 🙂

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