Encore Snowy & Scintillating


After downloading more photos and Sexy Hubby spontaneously sharing with me the amazing pictures taken with his iPhone, I decided to go for another snowy and scintillating post!

I hope you will enjoy our joint effort, and as we are so close to the end of 2010 I wish you all a new year filled with wonderful little and big moments of happiness…




6 thoughts on “Encore Snowy & Scintillating

    1. Funky Wellies

      Thank you for your comment! The sculptures were really amazing and walking along the river looking at all these lights was enchanting. Good luck with the floating Christmas tree!

  1. Aurélie

    Pictures with the river are really amazing ! the two first one, I more used to ^^

    Very nice pictures and thank you for your wishes. The best for your family and success for the blog ! 😉

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