I thought quite a bit about this week’s Gallery theme, “Education”, and decided to go down the non-school route for it.

Of course academic learning is important, and having lived in Switzerland and now in Germany, we are lucky that the “free” schools offer very good education leading to a wide range of possible careers and professional prospects.

But for me discovering the world was always as important as doing well at school. Exploring new countries, coming across different cultures, tasting exotic foods, having to compose with new languages – so far my kids speak three – or simply dealing with the myriad of situations that can occur during a trip, all these aspects give children and us adults endless opportunities to learn and expand our minds.

So let’s hop on that plane, train, car or boat!



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12 thoughts on “Education – More Than School”

  1. I also chose non school education. It is so important what we learn in our everyday lives. I grew up in Germany and I loved it. I am hoping that my children will travel lots too x

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jennie, have just read your post and commented too. Which part of Germany did you grow up in?

  2. What a great take on the theme. I travelled and lived abroad alot when I was younger, it’s a great experience, learning about all the other cultures.

    1. Thanks, Laura. I only left Switzerland after my studies but did travel as a child. My kids have lived in two countries now and have already experienced quite a bit of the world, I am pleased to be able to give them these wonderful opportunities.

  3. Children are curious and like eating knowledge. We have to feed them !!! ;-)) Every ways are good for that, school is just one of many !

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