Do you remember Amélie? The movie came out in 2001, and it has been a favourite in our household ever since. We also love the original French title, “The Fabulous Destiny Of Amélie Poulain”, as it has the power to channel the magic to you before you even see the first image.

As it happens, Second Daughter and I turned into clones of little Amélie two days ago in the kitchen. We were sitting down eating fruit for breakfast, and Second Daughter was especially enjoying the raspberries I had bought at the farm the previous day. Suddenly, the image of Amélie as a child popped into my mind. I turned towards Second Daughter and said: “Let’s eat the raspberries off our fingers, just like in the film!”. She loved the idea, and we had so much fun. Amazing how such a small thing can have such an impact!

And do you know what we found out? Raspberries taste ten times better that way!


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13 thoughts on “Eating Raspberries With Amélie Poulain”

  1. We were given some raspberry canes this year. We planted them and didn’t give them much thought but we’ve had a bumper crop – masses of them and they are huge. If there’s any left I may have to try your trick!

    1. I used to have some in my garden in Switzerland too, but between my kids and their friends, few raspberries actually made it to the kitchen!! Let me know if you try my trick… 😉

  2. I love that film and the actress is so beautiful and tres chic!! My toddler likes putting raspberries on his fingers and eating them that way 🙂 xx

    1. I like Audrey Tautou as well, and she was perfect for that role. Looks like you toddler already knows the best things in life!! 😉 xx

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