Regular readers of my blog know that at least couple of time a year, I “switch off”. No blogging, no social media, no emails unless really urgent. The computer is having a rest too and might only get started if I cannot wait to download a new batch of photos.

The last time I did this was last Christmas and I felt that I was due for another digital break. The weeks leading up to Easter were incredibly busy, with good things such as family and friends’ visits and lots of work, but also some disappointing happenings or news that had to be processed. The latter lead to some new decisions and the Easter holidays seemed like the perfect time to recharge batteries.
Painted Easter Eggs in a Nest
First Daughter was with us for ten days and we shared some lovely family moments. We had a couple of girls’ shopping trips, went to the cinema to see Noah, had movie or game nights and visited a fabulous Playmobil exhibition. The Easter weekend was spent with Sexy Hubby’s family and we had a great couple of days: Barbecue, egg hunt, pedalo outing, brunch and an “adult night out” with drinks and The Grand Budapest Hotel in the most unconventional cinema I have ever been to… A narrow room under a restaurant, with normal chairs, small tables and a bar. Very quaint and we all loved the film.

So I am back feeling relaxed, currently catching up and putting my new plans into place. How was your Easter break?

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Switch Off Time

  1. I think it’s vital to have a decent break from social media once in a while. Glad you are back refreshed. Like the sound of the unusual cinema, girly shopping trips and good times with hubby. We had a great week in Scotland before Easter which I have now started to write up. Otherwise been at home while son working on his A level exams.

    1. I am about to catch up with your adventures. 🙂
      I agree with you, it is vital to re-focus, I have been doing it twice a year but I am now thinking of increasing that number to four! xx

  2. Aww sounds lovely , glad you had some fun 🙂 I always think I will miss something if I switch off !?! I really need to though ..thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop, I noticed you was offline, I checked twitter and facebook on Friday to see where you was!!,, haha, I am a modern day nosey neighbour 😉

    1. I like the sound of the modern day nosey neighbour! 😉
      I usually switch off for one to two weeks and find that catching up does not take that long, in fact. xx

    1. *Waves back* (again)
      As I said on your blog, hope you will have a great time in my native Switzerland! 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you, although I cannot take the credit for the eggs! 🙂
      It is very good indeed… xx

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