It had been two years since we spent Easter together. And we all agreed that 2012 was even better than the last time. My friend flew from the UK with her two sons the Monday before Easter, First Daughter arrived on the Wednesday, et voilà, four kids in the house for a week of fun! The kids all slept in Second Daughter’s bedroom, they probably consumed an insane amount of sweets while playing or watching a film huddled together over the Macbook, but who cares. That is what memories are made of, these children have known each other since they were babies, and my friend and I are hoping they will have fond memories of these shared holidays once they are adults.

We did a lot during the week, we went tree climbing (with the proper equipment!), visited two Egypt exhibitions, went to a cool media museum which had a “Sound Art” exhibition on, we went for walks, shopping, had a chocolate breakfast in town and let’s not forget a couple of times in church. The Easter night with the church only lit by the candles every one had picked up on their way in was amazing.

On Easter Sunday, we had our traditional brunch. Sexy Hubby was in charge of the kitchen with First Son and First Daughter as assistants, and we were mightily impressed with their efforts. My friend and I made the table pretty and hid eggs in the garden for a hunt that did not last very long, the kids were very good at finding them! My photographer friend also came along, we drank blue Prosecco, ate TWO Italian “colomba” (traditional Easter cake) and enjoyed these cute little Easter nests that my friend and Second Son made together for us. Not only did they look great, they tasted heavenly too!


After all the food we were ready for a long walk and as we were blessed with decent weather we headed to the castle gardens. We came back two hours later, having stopped for a drink at our favourite café on the way back.

My friend and her sons left yesterday, and we are finding the house very quiet… Will there be more Easter together? Of course there will be.


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14 thoughts on “Easter – Courtesy Of Our Guests”

  1. Ooh love mini eggs – mine are waiting in the cupboard for nest making with my son on Good Friday (its a week later here!)

    1. Hem, yes, there was no shortage of cake indeed… It was great to be together for a week.

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