Sexy Hubby and I had been talking for a while with friends about a night out together dancing…

Our first challenge was to find a proper club or event where we would not feel as though we were the parents of most fellow dancers. No mean task. We eventually resorted to trying out one of these Ü30 or Ü40 parties – Ü for über, meaning over – and agreed on November 6th for our little expedition.

This particular event was set in Heidelberg in a chic venue, which is probably why the dress code said: “Dress spectacular. Fashionable attire is required”. Great, I thought! I love an occasion to dress up and started rummaging through my wardrobe, hesitating between four outfits. Two were quickly discarded, the first a sparkly, funky dress, the second a black dress I bought in Las Vegas with an impressive plunging décolleté – as you would expect coming from Sin City – both of them very nice but with no hope of standing out enough. This left my saloon style wedding dress or a black and red corset dress. When my friend texted me saying she would be wearing a short black dress “in the style of my Dominatrix boots”, meaning with silver zipper details, the decision was made: it had to be the corset dress. Just a quick parenthesis here: the above mentioned Dominatrix boots have been named so as they look like vinyl and are full of zippers, but I would like to make it clear that they have only ever been used in a perfectly respectable manner!

The night came and we were rather pleased with our choices, which were nicely complimented by the great outfits worn by our respective partners. After chatting and sharing a glass of wine in our flat, off we went to Heidelberg under the pouring rain. As we entered the venue, we could not believe our eyes: Most of the people present were wearing jeans and nondescript tops or shirts… I felt like saying: “OK, what part of “Dress Spectacular” did you NOT understand?” I hesitated for a few seconds about whether or not to remove my corset and keep the black dress only, and then thought: “So what if everybody else is boring? I came like this, I am staying like this”. An attitude praised by Sexy Hubby, great fan of the corset dress, which he actually bought for me.

Off we went dancing and at first, the music was very good and we truly enjoyed ourselves. Disappointingly though, the music later on switched to songs currently being played on the radio and indistinguishable from one another. By then the place was packed and to be fair, the new arrivals were dressed much more smartly and fashionably. At around 1:30, having waited in vain for the DJ to make new, more interesting choices we decided to call it a night and left.

Call it a night? Not quite in fact, as we ended up back at our place and having realised that we – well, mainly the two ladies in my story! – were starving, I quickly cooked spaghetti with a tomato and tuna sauce which was greatly appreciated. As we finally made it to bed at about 3:00, the outcome of the evening was that next time, we would look for a themed party playing 70’s and 80’s music and have fun again, this time dressing like in the good old days!

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    1. Thank you! 😉 Well, I wear the black dress alone quite a bit, but with the corset, it is not something you wear every day, of course!! The brand is Ex Abrupto and the designer is Anne Lombard, she has her shop in Lausanne. I really like what she does.

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