A door.
Opening onto a world that currently only exists in my imagination…

Door To An Imaginary World

When I noticed this door I slowed down, before coming to a halt.
It spoke to me, whispering tales from an era long gone.
Granting me the inspiration for a new story.
Giving me the premise of another book, the second volume of The Crossing Lives Trilogy.



You will find more door stories here: Sticky Fingers.





28 thoughts on “Door |
In My Next Novel

  1. Did it really? A fascinating start to a new story. Mystery and intrigue.

    I have a thing about doors on holiday. I love to get a glimpse behind the door. Some open into vast villas, some hide a dingy passage strewn with rubbish. A glamorous young man, or a haggard old woman.

    I wonder what will be behind your door?

    1. It did… So I did a bit of research. And then I came across something else during that holiday, and my story was born. Just have to write it now! 😉
      I hope you will like the world this door will open onto… xx

  2. Ooh this is exactly the kind of photo I was hoping to find in my photography ‘archives’ but to no avail! This sounds exciting and mysterious all at the same time….a new book 🙂

    1. I am glad it sounds exciting and mysterious, and I hope the story will not disappoint! xx

  3. LOVE this door, I wish I’d found one but didn’t have the time to go through all my archives I’m afraid. Still this door is beautiful and I didn’t know you had written a book …off to click and nose

    1. I remembered very clearly taking a photo of that door so it was easy to find. 🙂
      If you have time, would love to hear what you thought of the extracts. xx

  4. Great door! Very inspiring… I look forward to seeing excerpts of the next novel! How’s the first one going…? Is it all finished now, are you still looking for a publisher? I keep stopping and starting on mine – not sure whether that’s good or not.. :-/

    1. Thanks, Rachael, I do have to write it first though! Story still in my head at the moment…
      Actively looking for an agent at the moment and a little bit of editing left to do. Let’s see, but I still feel optimistic!
      I think you should not stress yourself and just keep at it?

  5. Isn’t it awesome how inspiration comes especially when we take time to notice 🙂 That is an amazing door, I keep scrolling back to look at it. Cant wait to read your books, thanks for being my inspiration today 🙂 Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for your kind words! 😀 It is amazing indeed.
      Would love to hear your opinion on the extracts I published if you have time. xx

    1. I have just been through a very busy period but hope that september will bring more “book writing time”…
      Thanks for your enthusiasm, I will keep you posted! 😉 xx

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