In February, Desigual organised a competition based on their gorgeous “Cirque du Soleil” collection. I did not win, but thought I would post what I wrote about the dress I own anyway!

Drums, an ominous sound,
Excitement, barely contained,
It is time!
Graciously, the shadows lift,
Unveiling a regal display,
And suddenly, the performers
Leap into the light.

In the choreographies,
No barrier,
Smooth gliding,
Precise moves,
Incredible ballet of
Revisited acts,
Embodying many art forms and
Defying gravity.

Beautiful dress,
Yes! You caught my eye,

Colours and darkness,
Images of the human mind,
Rolling on the front,
Questioning the soul,
Ultimately the answer is mine,
Embroidered red flowers my reward.

Desirable, this garment is.
Unusual, of course, with a

Souvenir, a piece of costume,
Once worn by an artist,
Light to the touch, but heavy in
Emotions. Why? Because
It makes me feel
Like I am part of the show.

5 thoughts on “Desigual Inspired By Cirque Du Soleil”

  1. CANNOT believe I am in possession of my very first Desigual dress, I tired it on this morning, need to lose a bit of tummy and need the weather to be warmer (and tanned legs would be good too) but I am ready for a Desigual summer !

    1. Congratulations!! 🙂 Which one did you get? I hope you will post a photo of you wearing it!

  2. This is a fabulous entry – I love tg theatrical imagery. Desigual clothes are ‘pieces of costume’, you’re right.

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