In my first Cybher post I wrote about what I loved most and what made the biggest impact on me. Almost a week has gone by since the conference now and I have taken the time to reflect a bit more on the experience. For a start I went through my pages and pages of notes… Looks like I will be busy! 😉

Here are a few more impressions, in no particular order:

1. The messaging system used at Cybher only accepted UK mobile numbers. No good for me and my German phone! Admittedly I must have been the only person with that issue but it meant that I missed the updates and the opportunity to enter the giveaways. As the WIFI was not particularly reliable I gave up trying to tweet (again because of my foreign phone and the costs that would have been associated with it). I would have quite liked the chance to win an iPad or one of the specially designed satchels.

2. Although most of the bloggers I interact the most with were not there I did manage to meet a few I “knew”. I can now confirm that Tara Cain gives lovely hugs and Susan Mann is adorable! Good luck with the writing, Susan.

3. The quality of the food could not be faulted but I did go hungry… The whole morning big cookie jars were spread around the coffee break room but I tend not to eat too much sugary food so I left them alone. I got into a chat as lunch was being served and by the time I arrived downstairs not much was circulating anymore. I had been expecting a buffet so I was a bit surprised. I managed to grab a beetroot and goat cheese salad and a portion of dim sums – both really delicious – but then that was it. So when the chocolate mousse came around this time I did go for it… And in the afternoon I had a bit of cake too as I was starved!

4. In the end I found that there was not that much time to network if you did not want to miss the sessions. I personally would like to see Cybher split over two days, which would leave more time during sessions for chats with other bloggers and sponsors. Does anybody else feel the same?

5. As I said in my first post the whole day was brilliantly organised. However, given how full it was, I am wondering if having an area where bloggers could leave some business cards, perhaps according to the genre of their blogs, would be a good idea? Or have an attendee list? It would make getting in touch easier. What do you think?

6. The choice of venue was excellent. 8 Northumberland is a beautiful building offering impressive conference rooms. It is located right next to Trafalgar Square and very easily accessible. I stayed in the hotel too and was completely happy with the room, the friendliness of the staff and the level of service. I also loved the fact that complimentary iPads were available, all you had to do was ask for one!


Tweeting - Cybher Blogging Conference 2013Attending a session AND tweeting
Photo courtesy of Cybher

Session - Cybher Blogging Conference 2013Paying attention during a session…
Photo courtesy of Cybher

Goodie bag hanging in my office - Cybher Blogging Conference 2013The goodie bag and my badge now hanging in my office


On the Sunday morning I caught my flight back home, still buzzing. Sexy Hubby was waiting for me at the airport; I love this, so romantic. When we got home a very happy little girl and a very excited dog were waiting for me. Second Daughter had decorated the whole entrance in honour of my return as you can see. I was really touched; it was the perfect welcome after a fantastic time in London.


PS: Once again I would like to thank Casa in Italia. Not only do they make me dream with their beautiful Italian holiday houses but they sponsored my ticket too! 🙂

 A nice welcome home - Cybher Blogging Conference 2013

A nice welcome home - Cybher Blogging Conference 2013

A nice welcome home - Cybher Blogging Conference 2013


12 thoughts on “Cybher 2013
Part II
More Impressions

    1. I like both, going away and then coming home, especially to such a welcome. 🙂
      I did not mind the congregation of UK bloggers. 😉 xx

  1. Quelle magnifique idée, ce Cybher meeting! Et le jeu de mots est too much! En 2 syllabes, tant de choses exprimées: tout un concept, tout une avancée aussi: avant il y avait pratiquement 85% d’hommes dans les divers domaines informatiques… Tout progresse et c’est une chose fort agréable à constater pour une ancienne militante féministe qui s’est battue pour avoir son droit de vote dans son pays en l974, entre autres!!! Reste encore à obtenir égalité de salaire pour fonctions égales… Qui sait, tout finit par arriver un jour! 😉
    Bon vent à cette nouvelle génération de femmes qui savent ce qu’elles veulent et ont elles aussi le courage de l’exprimer! Just do it! C’est la meilleure chose à faire pour obtenir des résultats concrets, en toute choses! Merci pour tes partages vivifiants, Katia, bonne continuation!

  2. Merci à toi pour ce super commentaire! 🙂
    Et on espère que toutes ces choses positives finiront par arriver un jour… xx

    1. It was lovely indeed, I was very touched. 🙂 Perhaps I will do the same next time! xx

    1. Yes, it put a huge smile on my face… 🙂
      It is good to go away and it is good to come back! xx

  3. You should be coming to BritMums, then there would be two of us “foreigners” together!! 😀 It sounds like you had a great time though, and it was in London… xx

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