These photos have been posted on this blog before, the second one as recently as last week. But when I read the theme for The Gallery, I thought they both deserved to make an appearance again.

The picture of this boat was taken at the Saltern of Saint Martin’s Island last summer. I was totally bowled over by the purple of the water, such a fabulous background for this colourful boat. We visited again this year at Easter. The water looked totally different, a mix of blue and washed out brown. On reflexion, I should have asked why (makes a note to enquire next time)!
Le Salin de L'Ile Saint Martin Gruissan - Bateau - Boat
This second photo is part of my Ten Things To Do In The South Of France post. This spice stall really stands out as you stroll around the Gruissan market. Every time, I look forward to re-discovering it, admiring the vibrant colours and enjoying the enticing smells…
Market Day Gruissan South of France
Are colours also linked to your travelling memories?

26 thoughts on “Colour |
Stunning South Of France

  1. Stunning photos. Colours often remind me of happy holiday memories, particularly if you’ve travelled somewhere where the colours of the vegetation is so much brighter than here.

    1. Thank you, Rosie. 🙂
      The vegetation is a good one, I love it when it is different. xx

  2. Yes, colours definitely have associations for me with travelling memories. Certain colour and smell combinations make for magical experiences, especially in the South of France. I would love to go back with the children to share it with them.

    1. Thank you, Libby. 🙂
      And I can tell you the smell of the bottom photo was wonderful! xx

    1. It must be something to do with the salt. I really must investigate next time we go there! xx

  3. We travelled to Egypt recently and on a trip the water was very visibly two different colours of blue, divided by a definite line in the sea. Looked so surreal. I too never asked why!

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      I took many, many pictures there, I had never seen water that colour before. xx

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