This photo was taken in the hotel where Sexy Hubby and I celebrate the anniversary of our first weekend every year (should you want to find out more about it, you can read my “Off To An Enchanting Place…” and “I Feel Alive Today…” posts).

Up to now we had always booked the room where we spent our first night together. This year this is what we had done also but we had to change our reservation, and when I rang the inn with the new dates they only had one room left. It was the Scottish room.

Wow! Colourful it is! We found it very funky and loved it. It has a seventies feel to it and of course orange is everywhere. We have now decided to try a different room every time and have booked the “Angels” one for 2012 (yes, you do have to book a year in advance, they do not have many rooms and it is always full. And no, I do not know if Robbie Williams will then sing for us, but it would be lovely!). We cannot wait.

What is the most unusual place you ever stayed at?


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34 thoughts on “Colour – Scottish Orange”

  1. Oh Wow! I love the colour and decor of that room…how fab! The most unusual place i ever stayed was when I was a teenager and we spent the night in a susposedly haunted church…lets just say I didn’t sleep a wink all night! x

  2. oh… now… i do not like orange… BUT i like that room… funky AND tartan! i’ve looked at the other photos from your stays at this hotel and i want to know where it is… i WANT to go 😉 thank you for your post…

    1. Not sure I want to share that secret yet! 😉 Glad the room made you overcome your dislike of orange!

  3. Wow! that is one funky room! We once slept in a waterbed in a round room in a lighthouse. That was an experience! I’ll just tweet Robbie and see if he’s free – it’s worth a try!

    1. Yep, funky indeed! I like your lighthouse experience, must have been great! As for Robbie, please do so, it would be fabulous to have him start singing as we arrive into our room… 😉

    1. LOL!! I did think of you guys when I wrote the post, actually. I am of course aware by now that your hubby is Scottish, and I do remember you mentioning orange nail varnish!! 😉

  4. I like it! How fab to book a little memory break every year – an idea that might cotton on if our girls ever grow up! 😀

    1. From what I can see on your blog, your girls are growing up fast! Start planning that memory break… 😉 xx

    1. I love this colour. Quite a few touches of it in my home, but not as dominant as in the hotel room!

  5. An old court house in Bath. Slept in the cells, no truly, even the doors still had the peep holes.

  6. I write in french because I’m not sure the translation of the expression word by word will work !

    Cette couleur… tout un programme ! ^^

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