Sexy Hubby and I have just come back from a long weekend in Dresden. What a fabulous and atmospheric city! Well worth a visit, but I will tell you all about it in another blog post.

Why am I mentioning it, then? Because a photo I took while there is kind of perfect for this week’s theme…


What do you reckon?



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24 thoughts on “Colour – Scary?”

  1. I reckon those are the freakiest child mannequins I’ve ever seen! Like male and female ‘Chucky’s! Is this meant to entice you in to buy their goods???

    1. I have another photo, but thought one was enough!! I do not know if they are less terrible by day, but at night, I would not want to be trapped in that shop! No idea how the business is doing…

    1. I did – after quickly taking my photos!!
      PS: wanted to comment on your gorgeous pink tree but could not! Could you add “Name/URL” too?

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