Chilled out… Just saying these words out loud helps, does it not?

For example when I spotted these two balconies I could not help imagining how blissful it would be to sit down on these chairs and appreciate a crisp morning, sunny afternoon or lazy evening. One photo was taken in Switzerland and the other one in Germany but I find they both epitomize the same art de vivre.

The third picture was taken in the garden of the hotel where Sexy Hubby and I spent our first night together. Such a lovely, serene place but with a twist as you find quirky details everywhere. We go back every year to celebrate this first magical weekend!

Candles I also love – as you know if you have read my “About” page! – I find their flittering flames soothing and use them profusely, either inside or outside. I can sit and look at them completely mesmerized for a long, long time…

Of course I could not omit to mention a nice, cool drink or a lovely glass of wine! In that particular instance Sexy Hubby, my sister, friends and I enjoyed a Mojito on a sunny terrace and then went for a walk, it was the night after one of my birthday parties, what a great weekend…

And finally… I think that we will all agree on how relaxing and fun tree climbing can be!!


You will find more chilled out stories here: Sticky Fingers.


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26 thoughts on “Chilled Out – Places And More”

    1. It is a magical place… Can’t wait to go back again in July! Thanks for commenting.

    1. Thanks so much. I took the red chairs balcony photo from the top of a cathedral, it immediately attracted my attention!

  1. These all sound like great ways to chill out. Lovely that you and your hubby go back to that hotel every year, bet you really look forward to it.

    1. Thank you for commenting! And yes, we do look forward to going back to the hotel every year, and every time spend half our time saying: “Oh, do you remember this or that”!!

  2. I love the balcony lifestyle, early morning breakfasts watching the street come alive below and late night dinners as the street lights begin to cast their magic. Love the hotel garden too x

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We live in a top floor flat with a big terrace and I LOVE sitting on it at any time during the day, gazing at the sky and the big tree in front of our house. As the for the hotel garden, the view on the cathedral makes it even more spectacular.

    1. And what did hubby say? 😉 Glad you liked my chilling suggestions and thank you for your comment.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 After the first comment on the tree, we now have the first one on the candles!

  3. I love those balconies, they are so cool! and I love your secret garden may you spend many more happy times there with sexy husband

    1. Thank you so much for the thought, it is a wonderful bit of the earth, very special to us. As for the balconies, they seem to be getting all the votes! 😉

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